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The first episode of Lauren Faust's Super Best Friends Forever has premiered. Yay



There’s nothing wrong with making art to titillate — that is the entire point of porn and erotica, after all — but it should above all be honest about what it is trying to do, and who it is trying to do it for. Superhero comics often ends up looking a lot like a really specialized form of erotica aimed exclusively at straight men, which is fine if it’s trying to be erotica aimed exclusively at straight men, but can be a pretty strange experience if you’re showing up for action-adventure tales of fantasy and drama that are intended to appeal to a wide audience for non-erotic reasons.
Laura Hudson, editor-in-chief of ComicsAlliance.com

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Gender-swapped Avenger poses. Original.

Gender-swapped Avenger poses. Original.

Meet the White Rabbit:

Created and drawn by David “I Don’t Know How Boobs Work" Finch, Playboy Bunny White Rabbit is one of the new villains DC is introducing into the rebooted DCU. I bet all those feminists who were worried that the lack of female creators at DC would lead to (even more) objectified, oversexualized and otherwise negative portrayals of women in comics feel pretty silly right about now.

On behalf of Jim Lee and Dan Didio, apology accepted.

Oh, and DC’s bringing back the Body Doubles. For those unfamiliar with the characters, the Body Doubles are a pair of generic ‘sexy’ bounty hunters (think the Page sisters without the badassitude) that appeared regularly in the “underrated" ’90s comic Resurrection Man. Incidentally, I tried to read through RM last week in anticipation of the title’s relaunch but stopped out of boredom. Besides the main character’s admittedly interesting gimmick of coming back to life with a new superpower everytime he is killed, it’s a pretty standard story of the amnesiac on the run from a shadowy organization while trying to piece together his past. From the ten or so issues I read, I found out at least one of the Body Doubles is an ex-stripper with a history of sexual abuse (shocking, I know).